Monday, November 17, 2008

The Happy Ending

Ok, so now lets go Back to Cindy’s facts but plug in an honorary trust. Cindy has the 2 horses and the 4 dogs in case you don’t remember. She has a friend who has agreed to take care of her animals if she dies.

This time Cindy gets a trust written up appointing her friend as the trustee. She funds it with a life insurance policy that she pays for out of her $60K savings. She dies.

The animals immediately go into the care of the trustee who quickly gets the check form the insurance policy cashed and does everything Cindy asked for in her trust. For about a year. Then she meets Robert, a nice man from Nigeria who sweeps her off her feet and convinces her to marry him.

Little by little Robert convinces Sandy to spend less and less on the horses and more and more on him. One day the farrier comes by, his schedule has been cut down to every 4 months by this point, as sees the horses are very thin. He speaks to Sandy about this but she says Robert is an expert and says thin is better.

The farrier tells Sally, Cindy’s sister, about his concerns. Sally tells a lawyer and the next thing you know the state’s attorneys office is enforcing the terms of the trust, removing Sandy as trustee and requiring she pay back all the money she spent on Roberts jewelry and not on the animals, along with a hefty fine. Robert disappears.

The court appoints Sally as trustee and all live happily ever after.

Now isn’t that BETTER??

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