Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am on Facebook now. Sort of:>

I just haven't found a single picture of me to add as my face! In the mean time, enjoy a de-motivational poster in its place. Stop on by and see if I am friend worthy. But please remember I will be as slow getting around to that as I am at posting my latest blog entry. I have not been posting comments on facebook. I swear I am not cheating on you readers!

Which really really is coming ANY DAY! We have actual rain this year. Who knew the grass could grow THAT much! Mow mow mow the fields,all the live long day! Merrily merrily merrily blah blah blah I got dust in my hair.

The LSAT was yesterday. I teach LSAT students. They are easier then training horses, but unlike horses, they KNOW they are being tested. But the guys rock and I think they did great!!!!!


  1. I am sorry that you don't look at 2 sides of a story.

  2. This comment brought to you by some total stranger with absolutely no context. I really am on facebook now. Is THERE ANOTHER side to the story? Is facebook just pretending I am on there?

    I would imagine this is a person defending some posts on a horse related forum about internet libel. Her position is that she is not a stalker or making defamatory comments on the internet about some other total stranger. She is now posting on anyone's internet connections she can find with cryptic messages and no other side to a story at all.

    So, um, yeah.


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