Monday, February 16, 2009

Re-cap of what has already been posted.

In the past I have posted about estate planning for animal owners, liability for horse owners and barn owners, proposed legislation to clean up the horse industry, loose livestock, dog law, contracts including leases and waivers and a few other subjects. Click on the archives and open up the indexes.

And remember, I do law, others do tech. There are many web addresses that are not live links. Just cut and paste them into your browser.

This blog is designed to build on previous posts. If you read the section on contracts then cases with contracts in them will be clear. Same with other topics. When I post new stuff you may have to go back and read old stuff to fully understand what I am talking about. Because this blog is for non-lawyers and its is meant to make you readers educated consumers of legal services and help you prevent problems--not solve them once its too late.

As much as I love $$$$$ I would rather be helping people prevent lawsuits by understanding their rights and obligations then making money cleaning up messes that could have been avoided. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, but its also a good place to start to gain more knowledge.

You can ask 10 different lawyers the same question and get 10 different answers. We have reached a point in which The Law is no longer a big mystery hidden from clients behind a veil of dusty libraries and Latin terms. You can and must think for yourself. Listen to your lawyer, pay your lawyer, but take the time to educate yourself so if you find you are in need of a lawyer you can tell which one you need and not pay $$$$$$$$$$$$ to have concepts explained to you that you can learn yourself. Don't try and be your own lawyer, but you can reduce the stress of a legal action by having some idea of what is going on.

The answer may be that the law dates back to the 15th century and the needs of a King. No way you are going to guess that on your own, but understanding why things are as they are can do a whole lot to lower your blood pressure and demystify that stack of meaningless papers with terms like demurrer and laches and duty and breach.

And please, whenever possible, PREVENT messes instead of paying to clean them up!

Now back to just posting what I hope is a mix of educational material and somewhat amusing examples and cometary.

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