Monday, March 23, 2009

AL Case Continued: Part V. Who you gonna call?

In my personal experience, I have met several Animal Control Officers who have no knowledge of proper horse husbandry and defend the very people you are trying to report. I have also met many good ones. The fact there is no training or standards is a big problem. Especially in a state like AL where neglect is a criminal offense yet the people in charge of enforcing those laws seem to be no better themselves.

Nothing has been done at all and no real proof was offered as a defense. The people with the horses said they had wormed them once a month for 4 months. There should be no skinny horses after 4 months with proper care. The DA should have dug deeper and not taken the word of 1 Vet. Doesn’t the NH system seem better now?

This is a series of posts on a BB by the person who found the horses. There were at least 2 dead—one dead for quite a long time and 1 recently dead just lying on the ground where the horses were grazing. 1 horse was in good shape. The rest disappeared. The owners never suggested they buried the horses at all. But the Sheriff supplies that as their defense? Who you gonna call if Law Enforcement is not doing their job?

1)Hey Everyone,

I have had a very upsetting weekend. Went to help a friend catch a loose pony yesterday and found several dead and starving horses. These animals belong to Kenny Price, Colbert County Animal Control Officer. I immediately called and filed a report with the Sheriff and Officer Joe Shanes was out today. Officer Shanes did speak with the owner. I gave Officer Shanes a copy of the pictures I took yesterday. Officer Shanes is going to present his finding to the District Attorney tomorrow. I would like to ask everyone to send an e-mail to the DA asking them to prosecute the owner. I am VERY Concerned that nothing is going to be done and the remaining horses will die. VERY GRAPHIC Pictures Attached

2)The horses had NO FOOD when I found them and have received NO Vet Care! The "owner" told me in front of Officer Shanes that half of the horses were given to him. We are all e-mailing and requesting copies of the paperwork showing when & where confiscated, plus Vet Records. This ACO has had warnings in the past for not caring for his animals. Conditions at the animal shelter where he works are deplorable as well. Horses have been seen at the shelter with no food or water for days. This has been an ongoing issue, But I have been the first one to make a fuss.

3)I don't know where the horses are now I saw the guy moving two of them last night. They were on County Rd 301 in Florence, AL. I called the Sheriff's Office and reported that he was moving the horses, but they did nothing. Channel WHNT 19 is the only one who has contacted me back. Am SO disappointed!!!

4)Here is a copy of the most recent e-mail from the DA. There was a total of 8 horses to start. They moved 5 of them yesterday. There are 2 horses still up there and a pony who goes through the fence to a friends house.

Sent: 3/9/2009 5:44:09 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: RE: Starving Horses

I regret that you are disappointed in me. Please know that this matter is not over. We are continuing to try to ascertain the facts. I have received several emails about this situation. In an effort to be responsive to them, I sent out a quick “status report” earlier today. Apparently, I should have emphasized that this was merely a status report and that we are continuing to look into it.



Nothing else was ever heard of the fate of these horses.

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