Sunday, March 15, 2009

NH Case Updates.

I can see you. I have a stat counter and can see who visits by location and search terms. I cannot (and would not want to) see who any individual is, but I can see a bunch of people doing google searches about animal cruelty and neglect just since I posted this morning.

So HERE IS THE ANSWER. Since I am also reading the super secret forum NHunderground. I am only on page 15, but its has been posted several times that #1 is a warning. We know they got the warning because that whole event was posted on You-tube back in Nov and someone even got arrested at the time. #2 is a seizure and a chance to correct the conditions and get your animals back. That is where things stand now. Build some shelters, get more fenced in areas so they have more room, buy a book about basic horse care so you know about things like feed and Coggins tests and and stallion management and body condition scores and when to find new homes for your horses before you go begging to a rescue to take in your animals. Then you get your horses back. #3 is permanent seizure. We are not on #3 yet.

Stop posting about how unfair it all is and go get the work done to get the place up to code and up to basic standards. Evey comment you make just shows your lack of knowledge and brings up more bad information from the past. But your state is very nice. They give you another chance. You CAN get the horses back by showing you understand how to care for them and bringing your place up to the code.

If it were me I might not give them back based on comments made after the seizure that show a serious lack of concern about the welfare of the animals and a serious lack of knowledge about how to care for horses. But is not me. Its a NH SPCA.

If you show up next week with tons of shelter and plans on how to educate yourself and lots of feed and adequate space for your animals then I will feel sorry for you. Then I will say that's not fair. If you cannot afford to have a decent place or your horses, buy bikes. Nobody will care what you do with them.

But for right now its fair. If you want to play poor me or poor me victim then I suggest you do not post everything that happens on the internet. Because I can see you. And so can the rest of the world.


  1. excellent advice! couldnt agree more!!

  2. There were some really odd comments. I made them go bye bye. I DO rule this blog. Follow my rules or be gone. You want rights go find a governmental entity. This is private property. kthnxbye:>

  3. Darn Sara. I was hoping for some entertainment. Good Post


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