Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Weeks Featured Case Continues:NH part III

The owners have posted their side of the story for all to see. Its a confession. Its a series of excuses and a demonstrated lack of knowledge. But even though they claim to have paid a lawyer $20K as a retainer, they post this anyway.

Pretty much all the classic signs of a hoarder. They just do not get it.

Its not our fault, they say. Stuff is expensive. We didn't know the law. We planned on doing it right some day. They don't need to eat every day--just when we can afford it. All the horses are healthy except the old ones, the broodmares who had babies a few years ago, the stallion and the hard keepers. Oh, and most of the ones in the video who are still on the thin side. Its not our fault because nobody can keep weight on those horses in the winter.


If I had any doubts, this new video has removed them.

And the attorney? DOUBLE YOUR RATES!

Its not the worst case I have seen and its not the worst I will show you, but there is clearly a problem there and they do not see it.

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